Meet the makers

We’re a French and Australian duo that found each other through our mutual passions for travel, photography and design.

With a strong desire to create, we’re award winning in our own fields with Félix as a Digital Designer and Art Director and Shelby as a Front-End Developer.

Beaconsfield Parade 363
Our very first photo – Beaconsfield Parade, St. Kilda
in Australian Aboriginal Flag Naarm Australia (Melbourne)

The creation of Houses Of

Often separated on different sides of the world, we started a photography project of collecting charismatic houses from the places we visited together.

A few years later and reunited in the South of France, this modest collection has evolved into a rather large passion project along with the success of our web launch back in 2020.

Exploring the streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne
Houses of Poster Wrapping

Where we are now

Since then we’ve been travelling more and adding new locations to the Houses Of website, however we always wanted to create something more tangible for the travel and design lovers like us.

We decided to use our expertise to create a series of unique graphic posters, for those unsatisfied with typical tourism prints.

We hope that you will join us on this journey and that our vibrant art will also spark memories in your own home.

Poster Houses of Melbourne Mockup 1

It all starts by exploring the streets and off track areas of a new location to capture unique houses that reveal the character of that place.

Gertrude Street
Derde Helmers Straat
George Street
Frans Halsstraat
Beaconsfield Parade
Napier Street
Rue Saint-Thomas
Rue Trajan
Les Jardins de la Fontaine
Rue Clérisseau
Avenue de la Garonnette
Grande Rue Mario Roustan
Rue du Fort
Rue de la Fontaine
Chemin du Bout du Monde
Bristol Street
Dornoch Terrace
Turin Street
Dornoch Terrace
Dornoch Terrace
Gray Road
Jane Street
Rue Gariel
Rue du Saint-Sépulcre
Boulevard Professeur Louis Vialleton
Rue de l'Amandier
Rue Saint-Pierre
Rue Fournarie
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jaumes
Boulevard des Arceaux
Rue Saint-Anne
Place Pey Berland
Rue des Remparts
Rue des Bahutiers
Place du Parlement
Rue Paul-Painlevé
Rue du Taur
Rue Jean Suau
Rue Malbec

Interested in the project?


We now have our very own shop, you can also contact us for any specific orders or to stock our products.

Submissions & others

Feel free to reach out with any inquiries. We’re open to submissions, keeping in mind they need to be consistent.